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Pool party

Beyond the Basic Bash: Creative Pool Party Themes

Throw the ultimate pool party with these unique themes, from classic luaus to pop culture favorites! Find inspiration for your next event at The Swim Advantage's indoor pool.
Pregnant woman in the pool

Bump, Set, Swim: Water Workouts for a Fit Pregnancy

Calling all expectant moms! Discover the joys of water workouts during pregnancy. This guide explores the benefits, offers workout ideas for every trimester, and provides safety tips to keep you and your little one comfortable and healthy as you stay active in the pool.
Woman taking swim lessons

Adult Swim Lessons: Conquer Your Fear & Dive In!

Conquering your fear of water and learning to swim as an adult is possible! Explore the benefits of swimming and discover how swim lessons can help you achieve your goals.
Preschool girl learning to swim

5 Swim Skills Your Preschooler Needs to Rock at the Pool

Help your preschooler become a confident swimmer! Learn the 5 key skills they need to rock at the pool and stay safe this summer.
Baby in the water

All About Early Water Adventures With Your Baby

Explore the joys of introducing your baby to water! Learn how to build their confidence, create positive experiences, and set them up for a lifetime of swimming success.

A Parent’s Guide to 4th of July Water Safety

As we gear up for another epic 4th of July, filled with backyard BBQs, beach bashes, and family fun, let's not forget one crucial ingredient for a truly worry-free holiday: water safety. Whether your little ones are splashing in a backyard pool, exploring a lake, or enjoying a boat ride, this parent's guide is packed with practical tips and reminders to keep them safe while they make a splash.