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Our Programs

Explore a world of aquatic wonders with our dynamic classes, led by certified Water Safety Instructors from the prestigious American Red Cross. Dive into the excitement of learning with us – check out our programs and let the adventure begin!


Parent & Child Aquatics (PCA) Ignite your little one’s love for the water! Our PCA classes are designed to create a foundation of comfort and confidence in infants and young children, paving the way for a seamless transition into swimming. Dive into a safe and engaging aquatic experience, with classes limited to 4 students and their parents. These 30-minute sessions, offered weekly, are tailored for ages 6 months to 3 years.


Preschool Aquatics (PSA) Watch your child blossom into a confident swimmer with our PSA classes! From water acclimation to advanced aquatic skills, each level builds on the last, fostering independence and a love for swimming. Our PSA classes, offered weekly in 30-minute sessions, cater to ages 4-5 years, ensuring a personalized and effective learning experience.


Learn to Swim (LTS) Embark on a journey of aquatic mastery with our LTS classes! From basic skills to refined strokes, our comprehensive program guides students to water competency. Dive into the joy of swimming with private or semi-private lessons, 30 minutes long and held once a week, ensuring personalized attention and progress. Our continuous classes, adaptable to your schedule, promise a transformative experience for ages 6 years to adulthood.


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  • Parent & Child Aquatics (PCA)
  • Preschool Aquatics (PSA)
  • Learn To Swim (LTS)
  • Deep Water Fitness
  • Pool Rentals

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to unlock the aquatic adventurer in you! Enroll today, and let the waves of success carry you to new heights!

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The Swim Advantage Swim School

Dive into the joy of swimming anytime! Our tailored curriculum adapts to your pace, guiding you through six skill-packed levels. We welcome all ages, including those with special needs. With certified Water Safety Instructors from the American Red Cross, our classes offer a safe and empowering experience. Don’t miss out – sign up now for a splash of confidence and skill!

Do you know your students swim level? We offer a trial lessons to evaluate comfort and existing skills to determine proper placement for our program. Come, see our facility, meet our coaches, and experience The Swim Advantage difference.   

Our Programs

We tailor our swim lessons to the individual’s specific abilities and needs, ensuring that
skills are developed at a comfortable, yet efficient pace. Each swimmer is assessed and
they’re progress is updated in the iClass Pro app once a month.


Parent Child Aquatics

The Parent Child Aquatics  group swim lessons focus on increasing your child’s self-confidence in and out of the water…

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Preschool Aquatics

Start your 4-5 year old swimmer on the path to water confidence today!..

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Learn to Swim

 Enroll in our private or semi private classes and learn to swim and achieve your aquatic goals!…

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Deep Water Fitness

We are excited at the Swim Advantage to offer customized swim lessons that are designed and developed…

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Pool Rentals

Get ready to elevate your gatherings with our extraordinary indoor 90-degree saltwater pool….

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Pool Rentals

Get ready to elevate your gatherings with our extraordinary indoor 90-degree saltwater pool – the perfect setting for unforgettable experiences! Dive into the fun with themed pool parties, celebrate special occasions like birthdays in style, or indulge in the ultimate relaxation with private Flick ‘n Float events and more. Make a splash with up to 30 participants, and let the good times flow! Act now to turn your event into a splash-worthy celebration they’ll talk about for ages. Secure your spot and let the aquatic adventures begin!


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