Learn to Swim (LTS)

Learn to Swim (Ages 6-99+)

Jump into our exciting Learn To Swim (LTS) program, where each level brings you closer to aquatic mastery! Each program is tailored to the individual at any age or skill level.


Learn to Swim Level 1: Start your aquatic journey with Level 1, introducing fundamental aquatic skills. Build a foundation as you progress through the Learn-to-Swim levels, fostering positive attitudes, effective swimming habits, and safety practices in and around the water.


Learn to Swim Level 2: Level 2 propels you forward with fundamental success! Experience true movement through the water as you learn to glide, float without support, and smoothly recover to a standing position. Dive deeper into simultaneous and alternating leg and arm actions, laying the groundwork for future strokes. Discover new water safety topics while reinforcing previous knowledge.


Learn to Swim Level 3:  Level 3 takes your skills to new heights with additional guided practice. Swim front crawl and elementary backstroke at a basic level, conquer longer treading water times, and make a splash with sitting dives. Reinforce safety topics and achieve basic water competency.


Learn to Swim Level 4: Level 4 amplifies your proficiency with advanced strokes introduced in Level 3. Increase endurance and distance, delve into additional parts of breaststroke, and grasp the basics of sidestroke, butterfly, back crawl, and simple open turns at the wall.


Learn to Swim Level 5: Level 5 hones your performance across all six swimming strokes. Execute each stroke with increased proficiency and cover greater distances. Elevate your skills with front and back flip turns, showcasing your aquatic prowess.


Learn to Swim Level 6: Level 6 is the pinnacle, refining strokes, turns, and building endurance. Choose between ‘Personal Water Safety’ and ‘Fitness Swimmer’ options, each tailored to your goals with a personalized lesson plan.


Explore our specialized 18+ programs designed to elevate your aquatic skills and boost your confidence to new heights. Our personalized lesson plans are tailored specifically to your ambitions, guaranteeing a smooth journey towards achieving success in the water.


Adult Swim Learning the Basics we guide students through mastering essential aquatic safety skills and fundamental swimming strokes. We aim to achieve proficiency akin to LTS Level 3. 


Adult Swim Improving Skills & Swimming Strokes provides a platform for refining basic aquatic skills and the six primary swimming strokes. Students work towards achieving stroke mastery at LTS Level 5. 


Adult Swim Fitness Swimmer emphasizes the refinement of front crawl, back crawl, breaststroke, turns, and endurance building. Our goal is to attain stroke proficiency at LTS Level 5. 


Dive into success with our LTS program! Enroll today and let the aquatic achievements begin!


Class Details:

Private | Instructor to student ratio 1:1

– Non-Peak hours (10:00 am -3:00 pm) – $240.00/month

– Peak hours (4:00 pm-7:00 pm) – $280.00/ month


Semi-Private | Instructor to student ratio 1:2

– Hours (10:00 am-12:00 pm; 3:00 pm-6:30 pm) $140.00/month


Lessons are monthly continuous classes for 30 minutes once a week for 4 weeks.


*Months that have 5 weeks of lessons will be charged the cost of one lesson for the additional session