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Frequently Asked Questions

All instructors are Adult & Pediatric CPR/AED/First Aid certified and or Lifeguard certified, have completed the Starfish Swim instruction program, and have previous swim instruction background.

We teach ages 6 months through adulthood.
We recommend that a parent is in the water for any child that is under the age of 3 and that they enroll in one of our Parent & Tot classes. However, if the swimmer is not comfortable in the water and they are above the age of 3, a parent can accompany them during their lessons temporarily.
We offer private 1student to 1 instructor, semi-private 2 students to 1 instructor, small group (Levels 4 and up) 3 student to 1 instructor, Parent & Tot 5 students with 1 parent per child to 1 instructor, and Diverse Abilities 5 students with 1 parent per child to 1 instructor lessons.
Our pool is built for SCUBA diving, which means we have a large deep end. We do have a shallow 4 ft. deep x 4 ft. wide ledge that runs the length of the pool that is entered by concrete stairs at both ends. There are moveable platforms that we teach on that extend the 4ft. width to 8 ft. This is where we start our beginner swimmers.

Yes. We have a men and women locker rooms. Each have a changing area, toilet in a separate stall, and a shower. There is also a on deck shower and three portable changing rooms. We require that everyone
showers to keep our pool clean and healthy for everyone to enjoy.

Yes. You are allowed to stay and watch lessons. Space is limited and we ask that you keep in mind whether your child responds better to instruction with or without a parent present. If you choose to leave the pool area, we ask that you return five minutes prior to the end of the lesson.

We consider the age, skill level, comfort, and abilities of each student when approving enrollments. We do this to pair classes where the age and skill level are not the total opposite. We can pair families, friends and or siblings but cannot guarantee it. All this is also based on session availability.

Swim lessons typically are 30 minutes long once a week on the same day at the same time for 4 weeks. We offer 60-minute sessions; however, we recommend 30-minute swim lessons especially for children 12 and under. Adults and children above age 12 may benefit more from the 60-minute lessons after they have learned the basics and are building endurance.

Every swimmer progresses at their own pace. Most people need at least two months of lessons to learn how to be safe around water to start. Comfort plays a major role in moving forward, along with persistence, patience, and dedication to practicing the skills taught in their lessons. The more the skills are practiced, the quicker a person can learn and advance.

We have a maximum of 3 instructors and 6 students in the pool at one time. An exception is made during our Parent & Tot, Diverse Abilities, and small group classes. These classes don’t run all at the same time.

Because the program runs on a month-to-month basis, our instructors track the progress of the skills taught in the sessions. Updates will be given to all participants at the end of each monthly session. It will give you in detail what your child has accomplished and where they can improve. This information can be found in the iClass Pro app. https://www.iclasspro.com/customer-portal When swimmer’s level up, they can take a picture with our Level Up frame. We then post their accomplishments on our social media pages.

Safety skills are built into each lesson. We teach our students to ask for permission before getting in the water, float, jump, push, turn, grab, and many more safety skills to help them learn to self-rescue.

No. Floaties should never be used as a teaching tool. We do use tools such as kickboards, noodles, and barbells to isolate the motion of the arms or legs.

We ask that you log into your iClass Pro account and submit a missed lesson request. For a make-up token to be issued, the cancellation must be made 48 hours in advance (illnesses that occur less than 48 hours must have a doctor’s note or doctor visit summary). Please see The Swim Advantage Policy for more details.

Make-ups are scheduled considering both party’s schedules and space in the pool. To reschedule a private or semi-private lesson that you are unable to attend, the lesson must be canceled 24 hrs. in advance, must be rescheduled within 30 days, and will be based on the availability of the instructors. If the lesson is not rescheduled in the 30-day window, it will be forfeited, and no refund will be given. Rescheduled make-up lessons that are not attended will not be rescheduled again. However, if the make-up class is canceled more than 24 hours in advance it can be rescheduled one time.

Make-up tokens are valid for 60 days. Make-up tokens accumulated during enrollment will be honored after unenrollment until they expire. All make-up tokens awarded before 1/10/2022, will remain applicable for the duration of your enrollment. They do not expire unless you unenroll from lessons.

To drop/cancel lessons, a drop date must but put into iClass Pro by the parent or the registration responsible party, and communication via email info@theswimadvantage.com, phone call or leaving a voicemail 630-394-2003, or a written letter must be submitted 30 days in advance. For less than 30 day requests, you will be responsible to pay for the coming month. Exceptions to be made are at the discretion of The Swim Advantage.

A one time $30 enrollment fee per student or $60 for families enrolling 3 students or more is due when registering for classes. All students must live in the same household to qualify for the family enrollment fee. Upon enrollment, each student will receive a Swim Advantage bag and one pair of goggles

Swimsuit (Tankini for girls ages 5 and under recommended). Swim diapers where appropriate (fecal or vomit incidents in the pool will be charged $100 and all lessons that day will be canceled, and a credit will be issued for the missed lesson. Flip Flops or Water shoes for walking around on the deck. Swim Cap (Wearing a cap helps your child focus on the skills while keeping the hair and chemicals out of their eyes). Goggles (Are allowed for lessons after your child has demonstrated comfort in putting their face in the water). And of course, a towel!

Have additional questions that aren’t on this list? Contact us for your questions!